Amazon to create several thousand jobs in Europe

Online retailer Amazon plans to create several thousand jobs in Europe in 2016, over 2,500 of them will be in the UK. The move is part of the US company plans to expand in the region, she said Friday, transmits Reuters.

The new jobs are part of the program to expand the network of stores and supplies on Amazon in Europe, and its centers for research and development and new infrastructure for its business with cloud services.

Amazon announced that it has established over 10 thousand. Permanent jobs in Europe in 2015, which increased its work force on the continent to more than 40 thousand. People.

Vice President of Amazon, responsible for retail sales in Europe Xavier Garamboa said the company enjoys greater demand than ever before in Europe, so the company sees investment opportunities.

Amazon has enjoyed record results at Christmas in Europe. Since 2010 the company has invested more than 16.3 billion. Dollars in infrastructure and operations in Europe, more than 6.6 billion. Dollars have been invested in the UK.

Amazon has increased the pressure on the established British brands in November when it launched nationwide service for the delivery of packaged food products to members of Amazon Prime.