Apple will open its first iOS Developer Center in Europe

Apple will open its first iOS Developer Center in Europe in order to teach children and youth how to write code, reports Business Insider.

In a press release on the occasion of downtown Apple indicates huge effect on its operating system and its software products to Europe, including the maintenance of over 1.4 million. Jobs.

“Europe is home to some of the most creative developers in the world and we are thrilled that we can help the next generation of entrepreneurs in Italy to gain the skills they need to succeed,” says CEO Apple Tim Cook.

According to his phenomenal success on the App Store shows the unlimited possibilities for people of all ages and companies with different activities from the mainland.

The center will be located in Naples – a city in western Italy, with a population of 3 million. People.

Over 75 000 jobs in Italy only come from the App Store, the company says, and the center for developers is to increase this number. European developers have earned more than 10.2 billion. Euros from the App Store, stated Apple.

The center will offer their own training, but will also help Italian schools by offering specialized training programs aimed at creating the next generation of developers.

Apple announced that it plans to expand the program around the world, but still does not specify any deadlines.